Ad Saying Electronic Cigarettes Are “Completely Harmless” Gets Banned

UK's Advertising Standards Authority labels the ad as misleading, bans it

An ad for Nicolites Electronic Cigarettes recently got banned on account of its being misleading. Thus, the ad stated that opting for an electronic cigarette instead of a regular one posed no risks to one's health.

More precisely, the ad said that the vapors released by these electronic cigarettes were “completely harmless.”

However, UK's Advertising Standards Authority disagreed, and forced Nicocig, the company manufacturing and marketing the Nicolites electronic cigarettes, to pull the ad from its websiteDaily Mail reports.

“We considered the claims that the product was not harmful had not been substantiated and we therefore concluded that the ad was misleading,” a spokesperson for said organization stated.

However, Nicocig maintains that, according to several tests it has carried out over the past few months, its Nicolites electronic cigarettes do not in any way threaten either smokers, or people standing fairly close to them.

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