Actor in Commercial Struggles to Say “Buttery, Flaky Crust”

Watch a hilarious blooper clip from the making of an ad for a restaurant

An actor starring in a commercial tries to say “buttery, flaky crust” a lot of times, in this hilarious blooper clip.

The plot of the ad includes a senior couple enjoying a meal from Dysart's Restaurant in Bangor, Maine. They sit at the table, and, as they eat they dinner, they are supposed to describe it to the public.

As it goes, the female star can produce the line quite effortlessly, and tries to help her husband out. By the end of a long series of fails, she ends up making mistakes too. After watching this clip all the way through, saying the line is now proving quite difficult.

The couple engages in a bit of banter, and they are quite endearing, so perhaps this was the best form of advertising the restaurant could ask for.

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