Acer Windows 8 Devices to Feature 7digital MP3 Download App

The app will be pre-installed on all Windows 8 devices running Windows 8

7digital has just announced that all Acer Windows 8 devices, be they desktop computers, laptops or tablets, would feature its very own MP3 download app.

Already available on Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, the MP# store will be pre-installed on all Windows 8 units produced by Acer, providing access to more than 22 million songs across Europe and North America.

The online music store was already available on Windows 8 computers, but an agreement with Acer is clearly an important step in reaching a broader audience in every corner of the world.

Just as expected since it’s aimed at such a wide array of devices, the 7digital Music Store app will provide support for both x86 and x64 Windows 8 versions, for also for ARM devices. Windows 8 adopters can already download the 7digital Music Store app from the Windows Store.

“Our position as an open music technology platform and working closely Acer means we’re well placed to provide open access to digital music for their users,” says Ben Drury, CEO at 7digital, according to TNW.

“Our music platform and technology can be tailored to a range of devices of various form factors, whether it’s a PC form factor or one of the many new tablet devices coming to market.”

The current app available to all Windows 8 users comes with an impressive feature list, including 30-second previews for all songs, an integrated music player, the popular MP3 shop with more than 20 million songs available, full length streaming for purchased music and dedicated tools to pin and share favorite music.

“Managed by music lovers for music lovers. 7digital stores are available across 32 countries including the UK, Europe, the US and Canada. Sync your previously purchased 7digital music and have access to your 7digital collection across the web and all your mobile devices,” the product description reads.

Click here to load the 7digital Music Store app page in your browser.

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