Acer TravelMate B113, a Notebook for E-Learning

It is advertised as a good fit for students and teachers at school

Since electronics devices are becoming a common part of the learning experience, Acer has decided to create a laptop that schools of all levels can appreciate to some extent or another.

The new notebook from Acer America is called TravelMate B113 and gets the usual mix of hardware, designed around an Intel CPU.

The screen is the most unusual really, which is saying something, as 11.6-inch displays aren't exactly unheard of.

Still, the size was once the trademark of netbooks, those low-end laptops that are barely available or interesting nowadays.

Prospective buyers needn't worry though. The Acer TravelMate B113 is no netbook, as it runs an Intel Core i3 CPU instead of a weak Atom.

The CPU is backed by 4 GB or 8 GB of DDR3 RAM (random access memory) and gets to shuffle up to 500 GB of information (SATA hard disk drive).

The LCD itself is an HD panel (1366 x 768 pixels) with, obviously, the 16:9 aspect ratio and ComfyView LCD LED backlighting.

We can understand the LED, but the aspect ratio and resolution surprise us. 16:9 is called the “cinematic” aspect ratio for a reason.

Since this new notebook is intended as a learning tool, the 4:3 or even 16:10 ratio would have been more appropriate.

At least the battery life is good. A six-cell power unit can last for up to seven hours at a time, which is useful in classrooms with a limited number of power sockets.

Finally, Acer's TravelMate B113 boasts Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the Acer Video Conference solution: a high-definition camera + built-in microphone.

Available in the US and Canada, the notebook bears a price of $399 (306-399 Euro) and $369 CAD, respectively.

"Acer has had great success with the 11.6-inch form factor in the education market because their compact size is ideal in a classroom setting, even for the youngest of students," said Michael O'Beirne, Acer senior director, commercial product marketing.

"The TravelMate B113 notebook is an important addition to our notebook portfolio, as it combines everything educators and students need, including exceptional performance, durability and reliability for a best-in-class mobile experience."

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