Acer Suffers Another Difficult Month

November 2012 proves to be troublesome, just like the rest of the year

Acer has been having financial problems ever since netbooks fell into disfavor, thus eliminating its greatest revenue source.

The situation hasn't changed much. In fact, Acer's revenues fell quite a bit during the month of November (2012).

The sum ended up at NT$24.36 billion (US$837.43 million / 644.52 million Euro).

While the sequential drop wasn't too gruesome (4.58%), the on-year decline was (31.88%).

The full financial report for the third quarter will be filed next month (January 2013), so we can't know exactly if there was a positive or negative progress. Acer seems to expect anything between a 5% drop and a 5% rise.

Acer is currently trying to increase the value of its laptop designs, even if it means fewer different models. The strategy will take a while to show its effects.

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