Acer Sets Off in Four Directions at Once

The company hopes this will make up for the weakening of its brands

Since quantity over quality doesn't seem to cut it anymore, Acer is doing all it can to add value and appeal to its most relevant products. What we've just learned is precisely what products will get this consideration.

Up until 2008-2009, Acer lived mostly off netbooks, since they were cheap but just good enough for emerging markets, like China.

Tablets eventually appeared though, just when the netbook market was reaching saturation, which marked the start of Acer's decline.

2011 and 2012 were spent by the company in a frenzy of direction adjustment and tactical revision. The declining financial status was a consequence of failing to keep up with the times.

Acer is still very much in the game though, and intends to stay there by traveling four paths at once.

According to the company, as reported by Digitimes, Acer will concentrate on digital devices for sale under the brands Gateway and Packard Bell, smart hand-held devices, business-use products (including government procurement projects) and touchscreens.

Business-use products will be promoted through supply contracts with the governments of emerging markets, like China, India, Thailand. The acquisition of China-based Founder should help here, although it hasn't helped much yet.

Ultrabooks and all-in-on (AiO) computers will act as the channel for touch panel sales.

In the handheld device department, Acer will launch Android and Windows tablets (Windows 8/RT) and smartphones.

As for the Gateway and Packard Bell brands, they will be applied to audio/video and other home-use digital devices, most of them featuring wireless support.

Acer has already started walking down these four roads, having introduced items like the Liquid E1 Android phone, the Iconia B1 7-inch low-cost tablet, laptops with “retina-class” displays and business PCs.

Nevertheless, most of the new products will debut in the second quarter of the year (Q2 2013) and afterwards.

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