Acer Says Tablet and Ultrabook Hype Is a Short-Term Phenomenon

Acer's stance in regards to the tablet industry is one that has changed gradually but almost completely over the past year, though the outfit still thinks the hype surrounding such products is a short-term thing.

Acer did not have promising words to say of the tablet industry early last year, even after Apple released the iPad.

Once slates proved that consumers were interested in them, however, the company was forced to change its stance more and more in order to not be left behind.

Eventually, the company created the Iconia Tab, some of which are priced, or will be priced, at around $300.

Now that Intel is promoting the Ultrabook super-thin laptop standard, Acer has again spoken about its view of the mobile PC segment.

As reported by Digitimes, Acer is not overly impressed by the hype surrounding tablets and Ultrabooks, saying that the fads are short-term phenomena.

The fact that Ultrabooks are turning up to be a bit too expensive does appear to add some credence to this claim, though it is quite possible that Intel will somehow revise the design to become more accessible in this regard.

In fact, Acer's own such project was implied to be the sort of electronics that sells for over $1,000.

Still, Acer founder Stan Shih is stated to hold the belief that the supply chain should focus more on value-added products and use outside-the-box thinking.

Moving forward, Acer will endeavor to bring its upcoming 7-inch tablet out on time (it is set to be priced at $345) and will attempt to offer both convenience and affordability, as these are the assets it believes consumers are most on the lookout for.

In the meantime, prospective customers can stop by Rogers and take a look at the selection of Media tablets that is or soon will be offered.

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