Acer Prepares Very Cheap 8 and 10-Inch Tablets ($150 / 110-150 Euro)

Even at that price, they will have quad-core processors

A report published in China Times (translated) says that Acer has decided on two new tablets with “aggressive prices.”

The tag we have included in the title, of $150 / 110-150 Euro, hasn't actually been mentioned. We have noted it because it is the price of the Iconia B1, which Acer recently released in India.

Since the new 8-inch and 10-inch slates being created will have aggressive prices, it isn't too big a stretch to think the price tags will be near the same point.

No specifications are known about the products, unfortunately, save for the use of MediaTek quad-core processors. Android will probably be the OS.

Linxian Lang, the leader of Acer Greater China, is cited as the source of this info.

That said, availability in the US or Europe is unlikely, just like the Iconia B1 got sent to India instead of some other region.

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