Acer LumiRead Spotted at IFA 2010, Berlin

As end-users may be aware by now, Acer will be releasing a new e-reader next month, dubbed LumiRead, but the company saw no problems with offering a preview of it, so it brought it out and put it on display at IFA.

E-readers have been growing in popularity over the past year, particularly because of their ever expanding feature set.

While, at first, they were single-purpose devices that allowed for reading books in electronic format, they have since gained extra functions.

Not only do they boast wireless connectivity and, thus, web browsing capabilities, but many even come with audio hardware and support for music files.

Acer's LumiRead will have several convenient assets, the 6-inch monochrome E-Ink display, with a native resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, being just one of them.

For one, the 2GB of internal storage will allow purchasers to store over 1,500 books, whereas the microSD card slot will let one expand said capacity.

Other convenient element are the QWERTY keyboard and an ISBN scanner, which allows book codes to be scanned directly and instantly.

What's more, the device features an USB port that allows one to transfer files in e-book format form a PC onto the LumiRead.

What's more, Acer threw in the WiFi connectivity capability, so that books may be acquired wirelessly.

According to previous revelations, the exact, official launch of this product will not occur before sometime in October, next month that is.

The price of the regular model is suggested to be of 199 Euro, whereas the more capable version with 3G connectivity will supposedly sell for 249 Euro. Both will have access to the ebook store.

Unfortunately, Acer did not offer an exact launch date when it added this newcomer to its exhibition at the IFA 2010 event that has just begun.

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