Acer LumiRead To launch in Germany in October, Goes to IFA

Since the e-reader market is practically booming, makers of consumer electronics are quite bent on providing such products of their own, and Acer is apparently planning on finally releasing its LumiRead in Germany, after showing it off at IFA.

E-readers are portable gadgets mainly used for reading books and other documents in electronics formats, though some models have extra features, for versatility.

Amazon's Kindle is, at present, the dominant presence on this market segment, but Acer seeks to steal some of that market share with its LumiRead.

For the most part, when designing this products, Acer stuck to the norms of the time while trying to improve functionality and ease of use.

Thus, it used an e-paper display from E Ink, which has a native resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, and even added wireless networking, so that e-books may be easily downloaded.

According to a recent report, the LumiRead will have access to one of the widest e-libraries in the German language, which should be the main selling point in that country.

Acer also reportedly made a content partnership with Barnes and Noble, which has an extensive collection of publications in e-book format.

Unfortunately, the exact price has not actually been disclosed, but the rumor implies that it will be along the lines of 250 Euro, the equivalent of $316.

This figure is not confirmed, however, so the final tag may turn out quite different, especially in regions where price competitiveness is required.

Finally, the LumiRead is set to put up a good fight thanks to its integrated WiFi and 3G wireless connectivity capabilities.

What remains to be seen is how the consumer base reacts to the new device once it makes an appearance at IFA. Either way, provided no unexpected mishaps occur, Acer will unleash the newcomer upon the German market in October.

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