Acer India Hacked, 20,000 User Credentials Leaked

A number of six subdomains have been defaced by a Turkish hacker

A Turkish hacker called Maxney has managed to breach and deface a number of six subdomains owned by Acer India.

The affected sites are:,,,, and

The file containing the leaked user credentials has been removed from RapidShare, but The Hacker News reports that it contained the complete details of 20,000 individuals.

Apparently, the attacker targeted the site as a form of protest against Israel.

“Hearts a petrified Monster Israeli Zionists. You will find us in the face of all the games you’ve played (sic),” the hacker wrote on the defaced pages.

At the time of writing, all the affected sites have been restored. However, it’s uncertain if Acer has managed to patch up the holes that allowed the hacker to gain access to their systems in the first place.

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