Acer Iconia W700P, Now with a Folio Keyboard Cover in Europe

The tablet is still the same old Windows 8 slate otherwise

Acer's Iconia W700 has been the subject of a rather odd marketing campaign, one that described it as a desktop replacement.

Acer even sold it with a desktop docking station and a wireless mouse, plus a large keyboard. It would be enough to make one wonder why not just buy an all-in-one PC instead and be done with it.

Seemingly getting around to realizing this point of view, Acer has modified its tactic.

From now on, in Europe, the Windows 8 tablet, with its 11-inch Full HD display, Core i3/i5 CPU and 4 GB RAM, will ship with a Folio case.

The “new” product will bear the name of W700P and the keyboard cover is smooth and silver.

The price is of EUR 1,100 ($1,465) for the whole thing, on Amazon Germany.

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