Acer Hopes to Ship 5 Million Tablets in 2013

The company expects smartphone and notebook shipments to rise as well

By on February 20th, 2013 12:56 GMT

Since the first quarter of the year is basically half past, IT companies are making predictions for the year as a whole.

Acer has just expressed its expectations for the smartphone, tablet and notebook business segments. According to it, all three will experience a rise in shipments this year.

With more entry-level, mid-range and high-end tablets on the way, in 7-inch and larger form factors, there will be over five million shipped this year, the company thinks.

The level of notebook sales will only rise a small bit, according to the report, but Acer has a fairly stable market share (21-22% in Europe) and might become part of the top three suppliers in China too. No exact figure was mentioned here.

As for smartphones, about 2 million could sell in 2013, versus the 500,000 in 2012.