Acer Forced to Admit Tablets Will Stay Popular, Pushes Forward

Despite grumblings aimed at Microsoft, Windows 8 is part of the plan

Acer was very critical of Microsoft's decision to enter the hardware market and launch its own tablet, but it wasn't hostile enough to make the latter cut off all ties with it.

This means that Acer can still call on the services of the Windows 8 operating system, now that it cannot deny the fact that tablets are here to stay and grow.

In 2013, Acer will finally release new Windows 8 / Windows 8 Pro tablets, as well as Windows RT models, which it wasn't allowed to do from the start.

There were very few notebook markers that got permission to release a Surface competitor this year, and Acer wasn't one of them.

And since Acer hasn't been doing so well, it needs to get its act together, which means more tablet shipments, or a report says, many more than the 1.8 million of this year.

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