Acer Finally Reveals Mysterious R7 Laptop/Tablet/Desktop PC

It has a special stand that allows it to change forms

A while ago, Acer teased a small photograph of the upcoming Aspire R7 computer, which deliberately failed to show it in its full glory.

Now, the company must feel that enough hype has built up, because it has published a new photo, an actual press shot of the item.

The "Ezel" hinge is the main asset here, as it allows the device to change shape from laptop to tablet, and even to a desktop computer. Technically, the Acer R7 is still a laptop though.

According to The Verge, the product has Dolby Home Theater audio, an HD display, and the new "Screen Grasp" technology that provides touch-less gesture control (motion control in other words).

Acer should officially release the Aspire R7 soon, with a full photo gallery and spec sheet. The price won't be known until then.

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