Acer Finally Becomes a Microsoft Tablet Partner

Even after all the grumbling, the company competes for a spot

Acer had some of the harshest words to speak about Microsoft's decision to enter the hardware market with a Windows RT tablet, the Surface.

This was one of the reasons it didn't make the very short list of companies allowed to release Windows RT slates at the same time.

For 2013, though, its name is one of the likeliest candidates for a Microsoft collaboration. ASUS is a close second, rumor has it.

Microsoft will reveal its Integrated Development Program (IDP) partners during the 2013 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show, so we still have a month to wait before we know for sure.

That said, the gadgets that the program will spawn should be of as little as 7 inches in diagonal.

10 other brand vendors hope to participate in the project, but not all will get in on the Windows on ARM action.

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