Acer Expects Ultrabooks to Account For 25-35% of Its Laptop Sales in 2012

It appears that Acer is approaching ultrabooks like it did netbooks

Acer continues to be one of the more determined makers of mobile personal computers, having decided to be quite proactive on the ultrabook market.

Digitimes continues to periodically provide rumors and reports about some of the companies on the IT market.

It so happens that one of its most recent entries has to do with Acer and its prospects for 2012.

Apparently, Acer is going to bet quite a lot on the nascent Ultrabook market segment.

While total notebook shipments are expected to drop by 10-15% sequentially in Q1, the whole year should return a growth of 10%.

Of that total, Ultrabooks are expected to account for between 25% and 35%, quite the ambitious figure, all things considered.

One might say that Acer intends to try and repeat what it accomplished from the onset of the netbook industry up until tablets showed up and pushed those entry-level machines aside.

The company was one of, if not the most avid promoter of low-end laptops, something that ultimately enabled it to grow very well as a business.

Since Intel and its partners keep saying how Ultrabooks are the new incarnation of PCs, Acer must be trying to tie its fate to them, hoping for their evolution to be positive and quick enough to pull it up as well.

The first Acer ultrabook, Aspire S3, sold about 250,000-300,000 during the three months immediately after being announced.

Now, the company is betting on the Aspire S5, especially in Brazil, Thailand, the Philippines and other Southeast Asia regions.

European demand is still uncertain, but that is not a surprise, knowing the continued effects of the recession.

Acer's Aspire S5 was unveiled during the 2012 Edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012). Go here to learn everything that has, thus far, been revealed about its hardware and software.

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