Acer Expands AcerCloud’s Support to Android, iOS and Windows

Provides users with increased control over storage, fast access to their files

On Monday, computer maker Acer announced at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas cross-platform support for its AcerCloud service, which enables Acer customers to easily share files between their devices.

Courtesy of the newly expanded support, customers will have the possibility to easily share, retrieve and enjoy multimedia and data files on a wider range of devices, including those running under Android, iOS and Windows.

Acer explains that the AcerCloud service was designed to take advantage of the free space on a PC's hard drive and use it as cloud storage space.

Basically, users will simply have to choose one of their computers to be set as the “Cloud PC,” thus having increased security and control of the storage.

Furthermore, the service eliminates the need to pay additional storage fees, while also eliminating any possible reminders regarding exceeded capacity.

“With AcerCloud, Acer now supports free file sharing between all of the key mobile devices, adding tremendous value to Acer customers,” said Acer President, Jim Wong.

“AcerCloud greatly simplifies our customers' ability to manage all of their digital assets across all of their devices, regardless of platform.”

Some of the features that AcerCloud arrives with include Remote Access and Wireless Connectivity. Courtesy of a new “Remote Files” app, users can easily access any of their Windows PCs from another device, regardless of whether it runs Android, iOS, or Windows.

There is also increased portability available courtesy of a new AcerCloud Docs feature, providing people with the possibility to easily push Microsoft Office documents to their Windows, Android and iOS devices.

Any document that has been edited and saved on one PC will be automatically pushed to AcerCloud, thus being available for download on any other device linked to the specific user account.

AcerCloud also offers instant picture streaming through PicStream, as well as access to a consumer’s multimedia libraries from any device through

Acer will make the new version of AcerCloud available for online update as soon as this month, while planning to bundle it on all Acer consumer PCs starting in Q2 2013.

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