Acer Aspire P3: the World's First Ultrabook Convertible

It's not the first convertible ultrabook, but we're talking codenames here

Convertible ultrabooks have been around for almost as long as normal ultrabooks have, but laptops bearing the label of “ultrabook convertbile” are new.

So new, that Acer claims to have just released the very first product of the sort: Aspire P3.

Since it is the first convertible Windows 8 ultrabook on the market, we suppose the claim has some merit.

The screen can be angled forward and used as a normal laptop, but it can be pulled and slid forward, over the keyboard, for tablet use.

Specifications aren't known, but there is a place where a stylus can be clipped, which suggests the mobile PC ships with one.

All in all, Aspire P3 isn't as unusual as the R7 Laptop/Tablet/Desktop PC, but it is still a new phenomenon, more or less.

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