Account and Ticket-Related Notifications Promote Rogue Pharmacy is the site promoted by the latest spam campaign

According to Conrad Longmore from Dynamoo’s Blog, a number of spam emails have been spotted over the past 48 hours promoting a rogue pharmacy site called

Most of the spam emails have something to do with account updates or support tickets. Some of the subject lines read: “Pending ticket status,” “Updated information,” “Pending ticket notification” or “Account is now available.”

All the notifications attempt to lure recipients to the site by informing them that their accounts have been updated, that their access to accounts has been restored, or urge them to click on a link to check out the tickets they’ve submitted.

Users are advised to beware of such emails. Also, never purchase anything from untrusted pharmacy sites. The offers might look tempting, but you can end up with dangerous counterfeit pills, or you can become entangled in some fraud scheme.

IT administrators can protect their networks against this threat by blocking the IP address that points to a host in Kazakhstan.

Here’s just one example of a malicious email prompting


You have been successfully registered in our Ticketing System

Please, login and check status of your ticket, or close the ticket here

Go To Profile

See All tickets

This message was sent to [email address]. Should you have any questions, or if you believe that you have received this in error please contact us at support center.”

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