According to Intel, the 945 chipset will not include DRM

Intel's official statement

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is the technology that allows multimedia content providers to protect and limit the usage to video clips which are commercialized online, and Intel has announced that it won't include it into its Pentium D or 945 chipset.

The announcement comes from Intel's officials, quoted by The Inquirer. In the same material it is announced that AMD has no intention of including these anti-copying measures into their own products.

The statement made by Intel's officials disaffirms the inaccurate information published on May 26 by Computerworld Today Australia which announced that Intel Pentium D together with the 945 Express chipset will include DRM technology and that this measure was meant to be kept secret from the public.

Intel supports several technologies of content protection, such as DTCP-IP, which is offered by a large number of companies. DTCP-IP is aimed at securing the transmission of compressed material in a local network.

Several products signed by Intel include data protection technologies such as: Macrovision, DTCP-IP, and in the second half of the year, Intel will also offer support for technologies like COPP, HDCP, CGMS-A, and others.

Intel is a strong supporter of including technologies for content protection, but Pentium D and the 945 Express chipset will not include them.

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