Accessory Vendor Shows Physical iPad 2 Mockup at CES

Amid growing rumors of an iPad 2 designed to look like a big iPod touch, Dexim (a provider of electronics accessories) is keen to show off an alleged iPad 2 case packing an actual, physical iPad 2 mockup.

According to the imagery provided by Engadget, the mockup has all the traits described by recent rumors - camera and back speaker holes, a slimmer design with sharper edges (just like the third-generation iPod touch) etc.

The exhibitor is Dexim, according to the tech blog, which informs that the iPad 2 book-like sleeve packs a Bluetooth keyboard that magnetically adheres to the front cover, allowing for a laptop-style setup.

An original iPad 2 wouldn’t fit inside, which further fueled beliefs that the manufacturers of these presumed iPad 2 cases did not go to all the trouble of crafting them just to intrigue people.

Adding the physical mockup of the iPad 2 tablet which lived inside Dexim’s case at the time of its discovery, we have just about every reason to believe that someone, somewhere accurately leaked the specifications pertaining to the shape and size of Apple’s next-gen iPad.

According to the “about us” on Dexim’s web site, the company gained market share from many major brands throughout 2010 to become the largest selling Electronics Accessory brand among rival products in France, Israel, Turkey and Singapore.

Major distribution channels include airports and DFS, Mobile Carriers, 5-Star Hotels, as well as Apple stores, Dexim claims.

Softpedia reported yesterday that an Asian website purporting to have iPad 2 cases in its possession had made a “case check” video featuring a first-generation iPad crammed inside.

It was pretty much the same story, with the original iPad being too fat to “wear” the cases as intended.

Going by the footage (embedded below), Apple’s next-generation iPad will indeed be slimmer than the current model.

The design particularities of the cases also appeared to corroborate rumors that Apple’s new tablet will have at least one rear facing camera, and an opening of some kind at the bottom of its back shell, serving either as a speaker hole, or a pop-out port tray similar to the one found on Apple’s original MacBook Air.


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