Access the Free All-In-One Code Framework from Microsoft

Via CodePlex

An open source project from Microsoft is designed to make it easier for developers to leverage the company’s development platform and tools. The All-In-One Code Framework is offered for free via CodePlex and is an impressive collection of resources, essentially code samples of Microsoft development technologies accompanied by the necessary documentation exemplifying the way they work. The All-In-One Code Framework is available under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL), which is an open source license. Provided by the Microsoft Community Support team, the code framework is set up to offer devs the essence of development, is the promise of a member of the Redmond company’s open source community.

“The All-In-One Code Framework, which is licensed under the OSI-approved MS-PL, delineates the framework and skeleton of almost all Microsoft development techniques through typical sample codes in three popular programming languages:Visual C#, VB.NET, Visual C++,” Microsoft’s open source community representative said. “Each sample is selected, composed, and documented to demonstrate a coding scenario that is frequently-asked for, tested, or used, based on the community team's customer support experience in MSDN newsgroups and forums.”

As of mid-December 2009, the project has gathered approximately 300 samples, with the Microsoft Community Support team working to add more and more content on a weekly basis. “There are already over 300 code samples in the set. They cover 24 Microsoft development technologies, including Silverlight, Windows Forms, and WPF. The collection is growing at a rate of some six samples a week. You can find the up-to-date list of samples in All-In-One Code Framework Sample Catalog,” Microsoft’s open source community member added.

The promise from the software giant is that developers will find the code examples in the All-In-One Code Framework not only typical but also extensible, structured, complete, and well-documented. Microsoft has gone to great lengths to make sure that devs leveraging the resource will be able to easily understand the samples offered in the package.

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