Access' NetFront Browser Comes to Android

Along with other NetFront technologies

Leading provider of advanced software technologies to the mobile world, ACCESS CO., LTD., has recently announced that it plans on introducing support for Google's Android operating system in its NetFront series technologies, and that it will showcase them at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. According tot the company, this comes as part of its plans to make the solutions available on any OS or CPU.

As the firm indicates, all of its NetFront technologies, including the highly-acclaimed NetFront Browser as an embedded Internet browser, already come with support for a wide range of mobile operating systems, and it will expand the availability even more. Among the mobile platforms that can enjoy the solutions we can count ACCESS Linux Platform, Symbian OS, Garnet OS, BREW and Microsoft Windows Mobile.

ACCESS offers end-to-end solutions for converged devices, starting from the infrastructure layer to platform and middleware, to client applications,” said Tomihisa Kamada, president, CEO and co-founder of ACCESS. “Since this company was founded, we have worked closely with major operators and equipment and device manufacturers all over the world to help them differentiate their products and improve their competitiveness. This announcement underscores our commitment to provide our customers with technologies that support a variety of platforms.”

The company also states that it plans on working closely with its partners for speeding the time-to-market of new products and for the development of best-in-class solutions, just as it did before. Moreover, the company has said that it will deliver development services for its NetFront solutions running on Google's Android OS, and that they will enable operators and device manufactures to come up with customized user interfaces and to pre-install value-added applications on devices.

At the same time, the maker states that it intends to develop NetFront Living Connect and NetFront Book Viewer EPUB Edition for Android, and that its products will become available for end-users as web downloads. All of the solutions will be showcased in Barcelona, including the NetFront Browser v3.5, NetFront FlexUI, NetFront Widgets and NetFront Document Viewer, the company concludes.

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