Academy Members Say Oscars Online Voting Might Be Compromised by Hackers

The system appears to be highly secure, but "security is just an illusion"

Back in January, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that members would vote for the 2013 Oscars online. They’ve contracted a company that specializes in electronic voting, but the system they've designed has a lot of issues.

In an attempt to make the system as secure as possible, Academy members have been required to set strong passwords. However, some of them have been experiencing problems because of this.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, several members have complained that they haven’t been able to log in, and after three incorrect attempts, their accounts have been locked up.

Others have complained that the emails in which they've received their voter IDs appear like junk mail, causing further confusion.

However, one of the main concerns is that the electronic voting system might be compromised by hackers, despite the fact that it’s designed to be highly secure.

“I’m not convinced that it’s exactly the Fort Knox of sites. It’s probably more difficult for members to log on than it is for hackers!” one member of the Academy said.

Another one noted, “Nothing’s really secure. There are countries that have been hacked.”

The deadline for casting votes is January 3, 2013, but because of the numerous issues, the date might be moved back.

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