Abusive Husband Cuts Off His Tongue to Get His Wife Back

Bunty Verma tried to show he could no longer insult his wife

Bunty Verma, a resident of Sendhwa, India, would do anything for love, even if it means cutting off his tongue. As his wife Hema left him, he found this drastic gesture was the only way to get her back.

He didn't use to be like that, however. Bunty was reportedly verbally abusive to his wife, to the point where she grew frustrated with him. One day, she just picked up and left him, taking their daughter with her, Huffington Post reports.

32-year-old Bunty works as a TV repairman in the town of Sendhwa. The reported abuse of his wife occurred regularly, with him coursing, insulting Hema, and making cruel comments.

If it wasn't true affection, it must have been despair that made Bunty go to the lengths of cutting off his tongue to show his wife he could change. He eliminated the one thing that bothered her – his ability to speak.

Bunty wrote her a note, chronicling what he had done, and got himself admitted to a hospital for treatment.

The facility is government-owned, and as a result law enforcement officials were notified by hospital staff that he had inflicted the cuts on himself. The incident led to him losing his tongue, practically dismembering himself.

We cannot help but wonder if his actions were silly and unproductive, loading to a somewhat tragic result. If his stunt doesn't work, and his love interest and mother of his child is too fed up with his insults to return, he is left single, as well as speechless.

His estranged wife has made no comment to this point, but the husband did try to write off his abusive behavior to an inability to act otherwise, deflecting responsibility by claiming it was the tongue's fault, not his.

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