Absolute Linux 14.0 Has Google Chrome as Default Browser

The developer has chosen to ditch Firefox and Chromium

Absolute, an x86 Linux distribution based upon Slackware that concentrates of making sure that Internet, multimedia, document, and general home use works out of the box, is now at version 14.0.

As expected, the Absolute Linux operating system is designed to be lightweight, to run on older hardware, and to make the interface simple and intuitive.

Being based on Slackware, it makes use of almost any package from the same version of Slackware. The development libraries are always included for the default applications, so users will be able to build most software from source.

Paul Sherman, the developer of Absolute, has released his operating system along with Slackware 14.0. As such, Absolute Linux can use the libraries, the toolchain and the basic apps from Slackware.

Among the biggest changes introduced in Absolute Linux 14.0, there's the new network manager, which will manage all the Internet connections by default. Also, the Java and multimedia add-ons must be added (as root with system tools) after the installation of the distribution.

The Google Chrome browser is now used by default, replacing Chromium and Mozilla Firefox. The default browser comes with a few extensions already installed and an up-to-date Flash version (a little more recent than the generic plugin for Linux OSes).

Users can still install the Mozilla Firefox browser, but they will also need to install the appropriate Adobe Flash version.

Download Absolute Linux 14.0 right now from Softpedia.

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