AbiWord 2.9.4 Free Office Suite Features Huge List of Changes

The latest version of AbiWord can be downloaded from Softpedia

AbiWord, a full-featured, efficient word processing application suitable for a wide variety of word processing tasks and extensible with a variety of plugins, is now at version 2.9.4

AbiWord 2.9.4 provides a great file import and export, with support for MS Word, WordPerfect, and a lot more other formats.

Unfortunately, the updates for AbiWord are too few and far in between. It's great software and could use a little more publicity. It rivals LibreOffice and has all the great features users might need, starting with unlimited undo and redo capacity and ending amazing spelling support.

Highlights of AbiWord 2.9.4:

• Footnotes are now skipped when formatting a text span. Only the main text is now formatted;

• The caret position is now set correctly after deleting a footnote;

• When applying style to a block, the char styles are no longer removed. The embedded structures are left unaffected, and only the span properties that were unnecessary with the old style are removed;

• Access of image dialog through top and context menus is now possible;

• Trailing whitespace from po perl scripts has been removed;

• Restrict unsafe constructs in update.pl perl script;

• English language entries are now arranged alphabetically. There is no reason to have the English entries at the top, because the whole language name table will be sorted in the UT_Language constructor anyway;

• When inserting a footnote / endnote in an empty document the application no longer crashes;

• The Format Footnote dialog now allows changing the initial values, but only on GTK+3;

• Some compiler warnings have been fixed. Tag arguments are only needed in debug mode;

• Introspection support for the Gtk+3 build has been added;

• Insert Symbol dialog has been improved.

• Labels have been fixed. Use colon with labels for entry fields, selection lists and such.

Check out the massive changelog for a complete list of updates and new features.

Download AbiWord 2.9.4 right now from Softpedia.

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