Abee Intros Cubical Micro-ATX Cases Made of Aluminum Alloy

They come in black and silver versions, both with SECC steel framework

As standard computers are losing their touch, small form factor PCs are becoming more sought after, which means good business for makers of SFF cases like Abee.

Based in Japan, the company has launched the ACE-G40-S and ACE-G40-BK cases.

As the names suggest, they are versions of the same case, only with a different color. The former is silver, while the latter is black.

In both cases, the panels are made of aluminum alloy and the framework of SECC steel.

The chassis also have three 3.5-inch drive bays (room for up to six 2.5-inch HDDs/SSDs), a 52.5-inch drive bay, and room for CPU coolers up to 75 mm tall. 92 mm rear exhaust fans can fit as well.

Overall, the ACE-G40 is a decent housing for micro-ATX motherboards, measuring 269 x 318 x 249 mm / 10.59 x 12.51 x 9.80 inches, and weighing 4.6 kilos / 10.14 pounds. Pricing is to be determined.


Abee ACE-G40 (3 Images)

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