Abandoned Alaskan Igloo Has Been Put Up for Sale

Igloo City Hotel has become an important tourist attraction in the area

A massive Alaskan igloo situated on the George Parks Highway, 180 miles (289 km) out of Anchorage, has recently been put up for sale, and the current owner hopes to get at least $300,000 (€217,000) for it.

The structure, called Igloo City Hotel, is an important tourist attraction in the area and was originally built during the 1970s as a place for tired drivers to rest. Unfortunately, though, the building was never completed and has been closed for the past six years. So, the grand plan to transform it into a hotel has never come to fruition.

The design of the 80-foot (24.4-meter) tall building takes its inspiration from Inuit Igloos, the building being made from wood and polyurethane rubber.

The property's owner Brad Fisher, who has owned it since 1996, says the igloo has great potential as a hotel or restaurant, especially due to its picturesque location in Alaska's heartlands.

However, the potential buyer will have to pay for some pretty expensive improvements, such as electricity, before being able to transform it into a suitable place for tourists to stay in. According to Metro, the current owner estimates that such an installation could cost more than $1,3 million (€940,000).

Until some rich businessman shows their interest in the massive building, tourists who pass by can still stop and snap pictures with it.

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