Aaron Sorkin Spills the Beans on Steve Jobs Movie Scenes

Spoiler alert for those who really like to get into the spirit of Apple keynotes

Famous playwright Aaron Sorkin is still searching for an actor to portray Apple’s late visionary genius in an upcoming biopic backed by Sony. The script, however, is coming along, according to “The West Wing” writer. In fact, he may have said a little too much already.

During an interview with The Daily Beast, Aaron Sorkin revealed (per Twitter) that “each of the 3 :30 min scenes in Steve Jobs movie will take place backstage before a product launch.” According to the magazine, “That's the movie.”

That’s right. Big spoiler for those who track Apple up close. Fans who used to worship the late Steve Jobs (and his famous keynote presentations) will undoubtedly be disappointed to know what to expect.

Just like Jobs’ keynotes were shrouded in deep mystery, so should have been Sorkin’s Jobs biopic. He actually said what the product launches would be - the Mac, NeXT, and the iPod.

At the All Things D conference earlier this year, WSJ tech columnist Walt Mossberg asked the playwright “Do you know anything about Jobs?,” to which Sorkin seemed to defend his status as a writer explaining that he may, or may not be able to get his mind around some aspects regarding Jobs.

Today we have our confirmation that he has missed at least one important aspect that could have played a major role in building up hype for the movie.

Sony’s biopic should not be mistaken for the JOBS movie by Inferno Entertainment that stars Ashton Kutcher.

Directed by Joshua Michael Stern based on a Matt Whiteley script, JOBS is being financed by Five Star Institute’s Mark Hulme.

Leaks from the JOBS set have shown a different side of the star of “Two and a Half Men,” including a striking (physical) resemblance to the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

The Kutcher movie is now showing at Cannes.

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