AVG Provides Three Quick Tips to Protect Your Devices During the Winter Break

Passwords, anti-theft and safe browsing are the key to a peaceful vacation

Many people are planning to take trips during the winter break. However, since most of them will probably not leave home without their precious gadgets, security firm AVG Technologies has issued a short advisory to help users ensure that all their devices are properly protected.

First of all, users are advised to password protect all their devices. Smartphones, laptops or tablets are often misplaced or stolen, so in order to ensure that the finder will not have access to your personal information, the best thing to do is to enable password protection.

Deploying encryption is even better, but a strong password could be just as efficient if the one who steals or finds the device is not too tech savvy.

Secondly, install an app that will help you find your lost device. Most comprehensive security solutions contain the useful feature, so make sure you don’t leave home without having one installed.

Finally, install a safe browser app, such as the one provided by AVG. It will protect you against malicious websites and those potentially nasty trackers.

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