AV Linux 6.0 Has Been Officially Released

Dubbed 'The Now' AV Linux 6.0 is finally in the wild!

Glen MacArthur proudly announced yesterday, August 16th, the immediate availability for download of the AV Linux 6.0 operating system.

AV Linux 6.0 comes after a very long and turbulent development period, to bring to its users an improved release, with updated packages, new features and other important changes. At the end of the article you can check an introductory video to AV Linux 6.0, as well as an installation video tutorial!

"This release is dedicated to those rare, unique and amazingly generous people who kept AV Linux alive with donations, some of you have even donated more than once and although the ratio of downloaders to donators was unfortunately far from an effective fundraising model that does not in any way diminish my appreciation for the generosity demonstrated by all of you. My humble and sincere thanks..." · was stated in the official release announcement.

Highlights of AV Linux 6.0:

· Linux kernel 3.0.36;

· Latest X.Org from Squeeze backports repositories;

· A faster and clean boot experience, with dependency-based booting;

· User access to Xorg Server;

· Added a new Control Panel;

· Added new Menu buttons;

· Added new custom theme;

· Added Nautilus as default file manager;

· Added new Hydrogen Drumkits;

· Added Nitrogen;

· Updates to Remastersys GUI/Installer;

· Added Harrison Mixbus 2.1;

· Update to Deb-Builder;

· Added new Filefinder utility;

· Improved web browsing speed by disabling IPV6;

· Updates to Linuxsampler Libs;

· Wine 1.4 + rt patch;

· Audacity 2.0;

· Added Debian Squeeze repositories for Xfce 4.8/KDE4 4.6 (disabled by default);

· Added Carla binary build;

· Updates to Ardour2;

· ALSA 1.0.25;

· FFADO 2.0.99SVN2189;

· Added K3B;

· LibreOffice 3.5.4;

· Added Synfig Studio;

· Removed OOMIDI;

· Removed all JACK standalone plugins;

· Rosegarden 12.04;

· Guitarix 0.24;

· Added Muse2 2.0.1;

· MuseScore 1.2;

· Added Darktable;

· Added DispCalGUI/Argyll_CMS;

· Updated user manual;

· A2JMIDID v8;

· Patchage 0.5.0;

· Handbrake 0.9.6;

· Openshot 1.4.2+BZR;

· LiVES 1.6.2;

· SooperLooper 1.6.18;

· Cinelerra 2.2CV+GIT;

· WineASIO 0.9.0+GIT;

· Added Petri-Foo;

· Added Sonic Visualiser 2.0;

· Added Qmidinet;

· Added Vee One LV2 Prototypes.

Introducing AV Linux 6.0 from Glen MacArthur on Vimeo.

Installing AV Linux 6.0 from Glen MacArthur on Vimeo.

Download AV Linux 6.0 right now from Softpedia.

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