AV Linux 6.0.3 Distro Is for Audio, Video, and Graphic Enthusiasts

A new version of this very versatile distribution has been released

AV Linux 6.0.3, a custom shop modded Linux-based Operating System, built from a handpicked selection of available tools and based on Debian/GNU Linux and the Xfce Desktop Environment, has been released and is now available for download.

AV Linux is a very particular distribution aimed at a very specific niche of users. First of all, this is an OS geared towards the 32-bit PAE processor, which is considerably older than the current ones. In theory, the distribution is capable of turning older PCs or even Mac OS systems into an Audio / Graphics / Video workstation appliance.

The operating system is based on Debian and uses Xfce 4.10, a very light desktop environment, but the developers have integrated a number of very important applications that can be used for content creation.

Among the most interesting applications are Ardour, Audacity, Blender, Cinelerra, Handbrake, Hydrogen, Kdenlive, LinuxDSP (demos), LMMS, Mixbus (demo), MuseScore, Openshot, Renoise (demo), and VLC Media Player. And this is just to name a few.

“An unscheduled surprise updated ISO for the AV Linux 6.0 series has been released addressing a few bugs on 6.0.2, some important software updates and moves to a newer updated 3.10.27-PAE lowlatency default kernel provided by Trulan Martin,” reads the official announcement.

This being more of a maintenance release means that a number of the included packages have been upgraded. For example, the new Ardour3 3.5.357 that features an improved detection of linuxVST plugins has been added, JACK1 0.124.1 has been implemented, LibreOffice has been upgraded to version 4.2, and even Steam is now present.

Users might encounter some problems with the AV Linux 6.0.3 due to the choice of Linux kernel. According to the developers, the new default 3.10.27 PAE lowlatency kernel will work with NVIDIA proprietary drivers, but AMD is a different matter. It seems that the 32-bit version of the Catalyst driver had some problems with this particular kernel, and the bugs might still be present.

Also, the 3.10.27 PAE lowlatency kernel had some mixed results with NVIDIA, but users should find the drivers satisfactory enough.

Other important applications that have been added or upgraded are Wine 1.6.2+rt, HPLIP 3.14.1, Polyphone 1.2, Carla 1.2.4 Grub Customizer 4.0.3, Timemachine 0.3.3, Gmidimonitor 3.6+GIT, Qsampler 0.2.3, Inkscape 0.48.4, sratom 0.4.4, Pipelight, EQ10 LV2, and quite a few more.

A complete list with all the changes can be found in the official announcement. Download AV Linux 6.0.3 right now from Softpedia.

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