ATM in Scotland Spits Out Double the Amount Requested by Clients

A picture posted on Twitter creates a frenzy as hundreds gather to take home extra cash

This photo, posted on Twitter on Saturday, prompted a massive gathering in front of an overly responsive ATM machine.

The shot was taken in Rutherglen, Scotland, at mid-day on Saturday, November 17. The person who was lucky enough to receive the post withdrew double the amount they asked for. From what I gather, one user managed to singlehandedly cause the Bank of Scotland massive losses.

“The bank of Scotland at Burnside was giving out double money now police are standing there so no one can go to it #gutting,” tweeter Lauren wrote, according to Belle News.

Others were just upset they weren't in the area to collect some of the extra cash dispensed by the ATM. Officials at the bank were so kind about it, not only that they didn't ask for their money back, but they issued an apology following the malfunction.

“It will be difficult to trace all payments, as they won’t all be our customers, so it’s unlikely that we will take action. [...] We apologize for any inconvenience caused,” the bank statement reads.

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