AT&T Uses Blue Coat Solutions to Power Cloud Web Security Offering

The solution protects businesses against a wide range of cyber threats

Telecoms giant AT&T has announced the launch of AT&T Cloud Web Security, a solution that’s designed to provide businesses with real-time protection against a wide range of cyber threats.

The new offering, powered by Blue Coat Systems’ Security Policy and Enforcement Center, doesn’t involve any on-site equipment, so organizations don’t have to worry about making any major changes to their current infrastructure.

The offering is ideal for businesses with reduced budgets and staff shortage.

AT&T Cloud Web Security can be used by companies to enforce security policies on wired, wireless and mobile environments. The cloud-based solution can secure networks in real time against malware and the threat posed by compromised websites.

In addition, Cloud Web Security can help in making sure that growing compliance and regulatory requirements are met.

“Six months ago, we told our customers we'd deliver better end-to-end protection, making major improvements to our network-based defense, cloud security, secure mobile business, and threat management solutions,” explained Andy Daudelin, VP of security services at AT&T Business Solutions.

“Since then, we announced significant enhancements in each of these areas, but we're not stopping here. The launch of this new on-demand cloud security solution is an important milestone in our commitment to deliver improved security, analytics, and threat visibility to our customers.”

AT&T Cloud Web Security has four key benefits. First of all, it’s cost effective. Customers simply pay a user-based subscription. They don’t need to acquire, deploy or maintain any software or hardware on site. The web threat protection can be scaled depending on the customer’s needs.

The solution uses real-time analysis, malware scanning and threat intelligence collected from 75 million users to identify and block suspicious or malicious traffic. Infected systems can be quickly quarantined since Cloud Web Security is capable of blocking malicious communications to command and control servers.

AT&T’s new offering also enables businesses to protect their networks, while enabling employees to use applications that enhance their productivity. Applications can be managed based on users, groups, operations, media transfer controls, applications and postings.

Administrators can rely on the policy management and reporting capabilities to enforce detailed policies for network access and use in one simple configuration. The policies can be applied for small groups or, in the case of large corporations, to hundreds of thousands of users.

AT&T was recently named a leader in Gartner’s 2013 Magic Quadrant for Global Managed Security Solutions Providers (MSSPs). The company has been named a leader in Gartner’s last 6 Magic Quadrant reports.

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