AT&T Recycles 50,042 Devices in One Week

The company managed to set a new world record for recycling cell phones

Only recently, AT&T made it public news that it managed to recycle as many as 50,942 wireless devices in just one week, thus setting a new world record in terms of pushing for sustainability.

This recycling campaign was intended to mark and raise awareness with respect to the National Recycling Week.

As well as this, AT&T hopes that this will encourage its customers to also adopt a more green-oriented life-style and pay closer attention to what happens to their gadgets and gizmos once they are no longer of any use to them.

“We know we have the greatest customers in the world and now we have a world record certified by Guinness World Records to prove it,” said the company's Senior Vice President, Jeff Bradley.

Furthermore, “(...) we also know that there are millions of wireless devices in people’s homes that are not being recycled, so it is our goal that one day all wireless customers will trade in or recycle their wireless devices when they buy new ones.”

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