AT&T Offers a $100 Rebate for Buying Two Windows Phone 8 Handsets

Users can get a Lumia 920 or an HTC 8X for free now

Wireless carrier AT&T is trying to attract more and more users towards its Windows Phone 8 devices, and appears to have launched a new promotion in this regard.

As WPCentral notes, the carrier is offering a $100 rebate to all users who would like to purchase two Windows Phone 8 devices at the same time.

Basically, the deal says that users receive the discount for the second device they choose, meaning that they can actually grab a Nokia Lumia 920 for free.

“Effective January 11, 2013, through February 21, 2013, customers who buy any Windows Phone 8 get up to $100 off a second (like) Windows Phone 8 (e.g., Nokia/Nokia or HTC/HTC Windows Phone 8),” the carrier reportedly said.

With Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8X by HTC available at $99 on contract, users can indeed get two units at the price of one.

What customers should keep in mind when considering this deal is the fact that both devices will have to have a smartphone data plan attached to them (standard data and voice plan requirements apply).

Furthermore, AT&T notes that the discount will apply to the lower-priced device should users want to purchase a cheaper Windows Phone 8 handset as their second smartphone.

At the same time, the wireless services provider notes that users won’t have to purchase both devices at the same time.

As long as they make the first purchase within the promotion period, they will receive the discount for the second device as well, provided that they make the purchase before February 21, 2013.

The carrier offers the deal both to new users and to those who would like to upgrade to a newer device. AT&T’s 14-day return policy applies to the promotion as well.

To learn more on the deal, simply head over to AT&T’s online store. You can find the Nokia Lumia 920 listed on this page, while the Windows Phone 8X by HTC can be found via this link.


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