AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X Now Up for Pre-Order at Best Buy

The phones are available for 150 USD (115 EUR) and 100 USD (75 EUR), respectively

Although we weren't expecting any Windows Phone 8 device to go on pre-order until the 24/25 of October, it looks like Best Buy decided otherwise.

The US-based retailer has just kicked off pre-orders for both Nokia Lumia and HTC 8X Windows Phone 8 handsets, though the former has been drawn from the list of AT&T devices available for purchase.

Customers who wish to grab any of the two smartphones will have to pay only $99.99 USD (75 EUR) for the 8X or $149.99 USD (115 EUR) for the Lumia 920. Obviously, both deals require buyers to commit to a new two-year agreement.

Those who want to avoid being tied by a long-term contract can purchase the HTC 8X for $599.99 USD (460 EUR) outright, or the same amount for Nokia Lumia 920. Keep in mind that while these prices are for the unactivated version of the smartphones, the handsets are still locked on AT&T.

Nokia Lumia 920 is available in red, blue, yellow, black and white color options, while HTC 8X is only available in purple.

As we have mentioned Best Buy already pulled the Lumia 920 on its site, but Google indexed the smartphone along with its color choices, so those who really want to pre-order one can do so here.

AT&T HTC Windows Phone 8X is still available for pre-purchase at Best Buy, so customers won't have any trouble in finding it here.

Unfortunately, the retailer does not offer an estimated delivery date, it just says the phones will be shipped when available, so stay tuned for more updates on this one.

It is also worth mentioning that while Nokia Lumia 920 comes with 32GB of internal memory and no microSD card slot for memory expansion, the HTC 8X packs only 8GB of storage. However, rumor has it that AT&T will offer both 8GB and 16GB models at some point.


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