AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 on Sale in Retail Stores on November 23-25, Limited Stock

The smartphone will be available for only $50/ €40 on 2-year contracts

Windows Phone fans rejoice as AT&T has just announced it will offer the Nokia Lumia 920 in its retail locations from November 23 through November 25.

This means the carrier managed to secure a limited stock just for this year’s Black Friday. Moreover, the smartphone will not be offered for the usual $100/ €80 price, instead AT&T will sell the Lumia 920 for just $50/ €40 with new two-year agreements.

It goes without saying that all Nokia Lumia 920 units saved especially for Black Friday will disappear form the shelves in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately, we’re not sure if the smartphone will be available at all AT&T brick and mortar stores or the carrier will only sell it at selected locations.

We recommend AT&T customers who are still struggling to find an available Nokia Lumia 920 to check with their service provider or head to the nearest store and learn more about the upcoming sale.

The yellow, red and cyan Nokia Lumia 920 are currently sold out and, more recently, the 16GB HTC 8X added to the list of unavailable Windows Phone 8 devices at AT&T as well.

The black and white versions of Lumia 920 are still available at some retail stores, but they’re in short supply as well.

Even though the Finnish company said it would try to fix this problem, we doubt it will be able to do anything by the end of this month.

In the same piece of new, AT&T also announced it would offer some exclusive online deals, which should allow customers to save on smartphone, tablets and accessories. These deals will be available from Black Friday to Cyber Monday (November 23-26).

The carrier promised that more details on these exclusive online deals would be offered within the next few days, so stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

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