AT&T Kicks Off $100 Trade-in Promo for Galaxy S 4, HTC One, BlackBerry Z10

The wireless carrier offers $100 (76 Euro) off the purchase of a new smartphone

AT&T customers interested in the purchase of a new smartphone at a lower price tag can now take advantage of a new promotion that the wireless carrier has just kicked off for them, which includes $100 (76 Euro) off the purchase of a new smartphone.

The deal is available for AT&T customers interested in trading in their current smartphone, and enables them to grab a cheaper Samsung Galaxy S 4, BlackBerry Z10 or 32 GB HTC One

All three smartphones are usually available for purchase at $199.99 (151 Euro) with a qualifying two-year contract agreement, but the promotion has them available at only $99.99.

The wireless carrier also notes that the promotion actually applies to any smartphone in its offering, and that smartphones that cost less than $99 will be available for free to users interested in them.

The promotion is available at all AT&T company-owned retail stores, as well as through participating authorized dealers.

Users interested in the deal should know that only smartphones that are less than three years old are accepted, and that they also need to be in good, working condition.

“In stores, upon trading in their old phone, customers will receive the $100 credit on-the-spot and can use it immediately,” the wireless carrier notes.

Given that some of the trade-in smartphones might have a value higher than $100, AT&T will provide users with the credit at the higher value.

“This offer is a great opportunity for AT&T customers to get their hands on the newest smartphones in our portfolio at an outstanding price,” said Eric Goldfeld, AVP marketing management, AT&T.

“With graduation and Mother’s Day coming up, people can take advantage of this promotion to surprise someone – or even treat themselves – to one of our hottest smartphones. The best part is that you’ll receive credit for your old phone instantly on-the-spot in AT&T stores.”

Users interested in learning more on the program should head over to this page on the wireless carrier’s website.

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