AT&T Interactive Releases New YPmobile App Version

With voice search capabilities

iPhone and iPod Touch users in the US can now enjoy a new version of YPmobile App for their devices, coming straight from AT&T Interactive. According to the software solution's maker, the YPmobile App enables mobile users navigate their busy on-the-go lives in more ways, and now it adds the possibility of performing searches for local information by voice.

However, voice search is not the only new feature YPmobile users can benefit from when downloading and installing the new application version. Other convenient ways of making searches and share local information with friends are also available with the new release of the app. Among them, AT&T Interactive counts map-based search, along with fast access to recently viewed businesses and events, so that users can find what they need easier.

Moreover, the application comes with Facebook and Twitter integration, in an attempt to expand its sharing capabilities even more by enabling users to broadcast discovered local hot spots. According to the company, the new flavor of the YPmobile App is based on a local search experience that packs useful tools, such as business video profiles, local event search and sharing via email.

“As mobile consumers increasingly rely on their mobile device to find and immediately use local information, we are focused on integrating new features to help users easily navigate their everyday lives,” said David Williams, vice president of mobile product management at AT&T Interactive. “The addition of voice search complements the text-based local search experience by expanding the situations in which users can use the YPmobile App, making finding nearby businesses even easier.”

Those interested in trying out the new version of the application will find it available for download for free in the App Store, both on iPhone and iPod touch. The newly added voice search feature is the result of a collaboration between AT&T Interactive and AT&T Labs, the company concluded.

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