AT&T HTC 8X 16GB Sold Out in the US

Only the 8GB model is still available for purchase

It looks like Windows Phone 8 is the hottest platform these days, with Nokia Lumia 920 being the best-selling phone at most retailers and carriers across the globe.

However, we did not expect the HTC 8X to sell so good as well. It appears that AT&T has already exhausted its stock and customers can only hope to receive the 8GB model in a few days if they order it now.

We’ve checked on Amazon and the retailer sold out its 16GB version of AT&T HTC 8X stock as well, so customers who order the smartphone now should know the devices will ship in 1 to 2 weeks.

The same goes for the 8GB model available from Amazon, but some AT&T brick and mortar stores still have this version in stock, so if you want to grab this one, you should hurry up while supplies last.

Speaking of supplies, we’ve been wondering why Nokia Lumia 920 disappeared from shelves so fast and we suspect the Finnish company shipped a limited stock of units globally.

We can understand that Nokia did not want to risk everything on Windows Phone 8, but on the long run, this will not bode well for the Finnish company. Many customers having pre-ordered their Lumia 920 units for quite some time have yet to receive it.

Back to HTC, the 8X turned out to be unexpectedly popular among Windows Phone enthusiasts, which is one of the reasons why the Taiwanese company was not fully prepared to meet the high demand for its devices.

Another reason for HTC 8X’ good sales might be the fact that Nokia wasn’t able to fulfill the overwhelming demand for Lumia 920 in the US.

While Nokia already confirmed it was struggling to restock most carriers and retailers that sold out their Lumia 920 stocks, we have yet to hear anything from HTC. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.


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