AT&T Boosts Indoor Coverage with Femtocell Solution

AT&T's 3G MicroCell gets a website

Wireless carrier AT&T is gearing up to deliver a boost to the indoor coverage of its network with the launch of its own femtocell solution, called AT&T 3G MicroCell. The company already came up with a website for the new solution, and reports say that users in Charlotte, North Carolina, can already try out the AT&T 3G MicroCell in the first consumer trial for the technology.

AT&T customers who live in areas where the network coverage is rather poor can now enhance their signal strength as long as they have a broadband Internet connection (DSL or cable modem) and a computer through which they can register online. When all is in place, users can enjoy leveraged signal on up to four handsets at a time and in an area of around 5,000 square feet around the unit.

Some of the features the AT&T 3G MicroCell comes around with include:

- Enhanced coverage indoors – supports both voice and data up to 5000 square feet

- Available unlimited minute plans – individual or FamilyTalk plans.

- 3G handset compatible – works with any AT&T 3G phone.

- Supports up to four voice or data users at once.

- Device is secure – cannot be accessed by unauthorized users, easy and secure online management of device settings

- Seamless call hand-over – start calls on your 3G MicroCell and continue without interruption, even if you leave the building.

Other features of the device include Global Positioning System (GPS) capabilities, as well as portability, enabling users to move it within the AT&T authorized service area. For the time being, however, it seems that AT&T keeps mum on the femtocell solution, though a wide range of reports on it already surfaced on the Internet. According to BGR, the price for enhanced coverage is expected to be of $20 per month, thought it might be worth every penny.

At the same time, informationweek says that the company asks $150 for the device, with a $100 rebate in case one chooses to go for the $20 monthly plan that also includes unlimited calling. Other reports also suggest that the carrier will focus on the pricing of the device and of the service during the trial period, and that these might change as soon as the AT&T 3G MicroCell becomes available all around the country.

More details on the AT&T 3G MicroCell can be found here.

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