AT&T Announces LTE and HSPA+ LaptopConnect Devices

Wireless carrier AT&T has just went official with the first LTE and HSPA+-upgradable devices on its network, including the AT&T USBConnect Adrenaline from LG, the AT&T USBConnect Shockwave from Sierra Wireless, and the AT&T USBConnect 900 from Huawei.

The launch of AT&T USBConnect Shockwave and Adrenaline marks the introduction of to devices that offer both support for AT&T's HSPA mobile broadband network today, as well as for the carrier's upgraded network in the future.

The newly unveiled Adrenaline is set to become the first LTE-upgradeable device at AT&T, while the Shockwave would be the first HSPA+-capable device from the company.

“We have purposefully planned our path to LTE to create a wireless network where the transition from 3G does not give customers wireless whiplash,” Michael Woodward, vice president, Mobile Phone Portfolio, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, commented.

“With the planned deployment of HSPA+ technology later this year, combined with the continued rollout of expanded backhaul, AT&T will have increased our 3G download or upload speeds multiple times in five years.”

The new AT&T USBConnect Adrenaline from LG comes with support for the carrier's upcoming LTE network (via a software upgrade), while being able to take full advantage of the existing AT&T mobile broadband network today.

The new device comes with a sleek casing and smooth finish, packing an internal antenna, along with plug and play functionality and multiple OS support.

It also sports built-in GPS, MicroSD memory card slot (up to 32 GB of storage), multi-color LED status indicator, and support for Wi-Fi connectivity, so that users can take advantage of the carrier's large Wi-Fi network of over 23,000 hotspots.

AT&T USBConnect Shockwave from Sierra Wireless should support the HSPA+ network upgrade AT&T is planning, which should arrive before the end of the ongoing year.

The Shockwave comes with support for enhanced data speeds, as well as with fast installation, and a highly appealing price tag, since AT&T plans on releasing it for free on contract.

The AT&T USBConnect 900 from Huawei is compatible with the carrier's AT&T DataConnect Pass pre-paid service for users interested in prepaid data options.

The price tags at which the new devices would be released at AT&T include:

- AT&T USBConnect Shockwave – Free after a two-year service agreement, minimum data plan and mail-in-rebate

- AT&T USBConnect Adrenaline – $49.99 after a two-year service agreement, minimum data plan and mail-in-rebate

- AT&T USBConnect 900 – $79.99 without a contract. Users select one of AT&T's DataConnect Pass options to access mobile broadband data.


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