ASUS ZenBook UX32VD Officially Priced at $799 USD

This is a high quality UltraBook for just 799 dollars

The official pricing of Asustek’s highly-anticipated ZenBook UX32VD has reportedly been revealed to be 799 USD. The price is a little bit higher than the desired 599 to 699 USD mark, but the ZenBook tried to compensate with a high quality build and innovative features, such as a 24 GB SSD.

The 24 GB SSD is very close to the 20:1 ratio that Intel and WD agree will achieve over 95% cache hit rate. This should prove much better results than Seagate’s overpriced and unimpressive hybrid drives.

Overall, using Nvidia’s measly GT620, the new ZenBook is put at disadvantage when compared with traditional notebooks sold at lower price points, but we must state again that the ZenBook UX32VD is a unique product with very good design, along impressive size and weight specifications.

The price of 799 USD Asustek wants for its new ZenBook represents around 620 EUR, as far as European customers are concerned.

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