ASUS Won't Sell As Many Motherboards As It Wants

For one reason or other, demand just isn't up to snuff anywhere

ASUS shipped 16.7 million motherboards during the first three quarters of the year (2012), and wanted to ship 8.3 million more in the fourth.

Due to low demand in Europe, the US and, oddly enough, even China, the company has been forced to lower its expectations.

No longer does ASUS think it can scrounge up 25 million shipments. Now it only thinks it can get to 22.2 million, which means 5.5 million in Q4, 5% lower sequentially.

It makes it look like all those new CPUs and chipsets (AMD Vishera, AMD Trinity, socket FM2, Intel Ivy Bridge) and Microsoft's Windows 8 didn't really do much good to the industry.

Then again, that the new OS wasn't going to help the market rebound is something that analysts fell in agreement over some time ago.

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