ASUS VivoTab Smart LTE Tablet Gets GCF Approval

The Atom Z2760-based slate is allowed to access LTE broadband now

It's one thing to say a device can communicate via LTE, and another to actually get it to work. That is why ASUS' VivoTab LTE Windows 8 tablet had to go through the GCF before selling.

Indeed, the VivoTab Smart, as the tablet is called in Japan, has been certified for use with LTE / W-CDMA / GSM.

Corresponding with LTE UE Category 3, the tablet can upload at up to 50 Mbps and download at a top rate of 100 Mbps over 1900/1800/900/850 MHz (I) / 900 (VIII) MHz, GSM LTE 2600 (B7) / 1800 (B3) / 800 (B20) MHz, and W-CDMA 2100.

Not bad for a tablet using the 1.8 GHz Atom Z2760 CPU (dual-core), an HD 10.1-inch LCD (1366 x 768 pixels), 2.4 GHz NFC, 2 GB RAM, up to 64 GB storage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.

Sales should start soon, for under $500 / 500 Euro. Maybe.

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