ASUS Updates Transformer Prime TF201 Android Tablet, Fixes Bugs

It's not a move to Android 4.2, but it does fix and change a few things

Unlike the incomplete update released for ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T, ASUS is rolling out a full over-the-air software upgrade for the Transformer Prime slate.

The version of the new firmware is and, sadly, it isn't reaching any Transformer Prime owners situated outside the US yet.

The main purpose of the update is bug fixing. Though they aren't many, the Android OS and other software on the Prime have some problems.

For instance, Gmail can have problems with quoted text, while Spanish and Dutch keyboard won't work properly without the new patch.

For those who want details, a problem with ASUS Spanish(US) and ASUS Dutch(Holland) IME prevents some characters form being typed correctly. This has been remedied.

The Gmail bug fix will allow “Show quoted text” to appear properly in mail treads of more than 2 messages.

Another bug that plagued ASUS Transformer Prime involved Wi-Fi. It was impossible to connect to Wi-Fi access points that had Chinese character AP names.

Furthermore, ASUS managed to fix the problem where, with the “Quick Launch” enabled in Screen Saver settings, the Screen Saver could not resume video playback when pressing the power button (unlike with audio playback).

In addition to these fixes, ASUS included improvements to web page compatibility and an update to the Polaris Office suite (upgraded to 3.5-build 5r16148FV06).

To initiate the update process, users will have to go to the “Settings” section and click on “About tablet.” It should take less than ten minutes for the process to complete.

For easier perusal, the full change log can be found below:


- Fix the issue that in ASUS Spanish(US) and ASUS Dutch(Holland) IME, some characters cannot be typed or cannot be typed correctly.

2. Gmail

- Fix the issue that "Show quoted text” in Gmail does not work in a mail thread that is with 2+ messages.

3. 3d party app

- Upgrade Polaris Office to 3.5-build 5r16148FV06.

4. Wi-Fi

- Fix the issue that TF201 cannot connect with Wi-Fi AP that has Chinese character AP name.(SSiD)

5. Screen Saver

- Fix the issue that the screen cannot resume to video playback but only audio playback after pressing power button when “Quick Launch” in Screen Saver settings is enabled.

6. Browser

- Improve web page compatibility.


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