ASUS Transformer Pad Has Screen Problems

The cheap build is back to snap at the heels of the company and its customers

The ASUS Transformer Pad 300 TF300 received a warm welcome and got pretty favorable reviews, but some issues are coming to light.

ASUS seems to be establishing a rather unfortunate track record of releasing tablets with hardware and software shortcomings.

The Transformer Prime had to go through more than one update before it stopped restarting randomly and the GPS still doesn't work as it should, requiring a new dongle.

The original Transformer, Prime's predecessor, also suffered Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich issues and went through its own series of updates.

Now, it has come to light that the Transformer Pad 300 TF300T will need a software fix.

What's worse, it has a problem that no amount of software updates will ever repair: the cheap build quality.

As we said before, reviewers were left with a positive impression, but it seems that it might not have been the best idea to leave the slate in its dock throughout the entire testing process.

Had they held the item in their hand, as it is likely to be held more often, they may have noticed that, when pressing on the ASUS logo on the back, an impression on the screen appears. Anyone who's ever pressed a finger on an exposed electronic screen of any sort will recognize the disturbance.

The other problem, the one that software can repair, is that the image flickers and wavers around the edges, as apparent in the videos embedded below. As before, pressing on the back of the unit causes the glitches. Hopefully, the next update won't be long in coming.

ASUS Transformer Pad 300 TF300T relies on an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core platform and a battery that lasts for up to 10 hours (15 hours when the keyboard dock adds its own battery to the mix). The 32 GB version costs $399 and just as many Euro in Europe.

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